Monday Decor Inspiration

Hello Lovelies!

It's Monday! Just popping by to brighten it up with a little decor inspiration. We've lived in our house for eight months now and often times I get so frustrated at how little I've actually accomplished, decor wise. It is difficult on a limited budget and I'm not one to spend a ton of money on decor anyways. Honestly, making it myself or finding it at a flea market brings me more pleasure than going out and buying it! 

 So I wasn't really completely sure where I wanted to go with my kitchen, other than I wanted it WHITE. I had always dreamed of a white kitchen and the brightness and airiness of it just makes me happy. I have been absolutely loving the simple farmhouse style with pops of color lately and have stumbled across some great inspiration on pinterest. I mean where else? Here are some of my favorite ideas!



Not much better than some chippy white paint...



Butcher Block counter tops are high on my kitchen wishlist. I just love the rustic look of it!



My very next project is to turn our kitchen cabinets into these beauties.. Who knew chicken wire could make something look so good? My husband might die when I ask him to cut the middle out of our cabinets for me! ;)



Every good kitchen must have a coffee nook! Inspired by Natalie Creates to make my own version of this! My white enamel hutch is begging for a coffee nook makeover..


It is so easy to find old wooden chairs around at flea markets or yard sales and they make such a great and cheap addition to a kitchen breakfast area! On the search for some of my own.. I'm planning on staining them and putting them with my little white breakfast table in the corner of our kitchen.



Seriously love everything about this! And check out that Farmhouse sink... Swoon..



And your kitchen isn't complete without a set of adorable measuring cups, courtesy of Anthropologie! I've been in love with these things forever!!


It may take time but I cannot wait to get some more work done on our kitchen! Patience isn't my strong suit by any means but it is fun to see our little home take shape tiny bits at a time. What are your favorite styles for your home and kitchen?






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