Pepperell Mill Dolls

I love history, all things vintage, salvaged, and repurposed! So on that note, please welcome our Pepperell Mill Dolls! Each doll is hand made and one of a kind. Crafted with faces and hands made from muslin salvaged from the Pepperell Mill in Opelika, AL. Some of these dolls are even named after some of the hard working women of the Pepperell Mill. These dolls are a wonderful keepsake as well as a reminder of our countries textile history!

In 1925, the Pepperell Manufacturing Company (later WestPoint Home) was established and flourished until its recent closing in 2006.

Each comes with a Pepperell Mill Doll tag explaining it's significance, and a name.

You can also customize your doll by choosing a fabric combination, hair color and hair style. When you are placing your order please leave us a note in the comments section to name your doll!

These dolls are also available for purchase in our shop in Resurrect Antiques

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    I would like to order three of the Pepperell mill dolls.

    October 13, 2019

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    I just love this and the history behind it! Would love to order one. How would I go about it? Also do you have a timeline of when your other dolls will be back in stock?


    September 10, 2018

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