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What's in my bag - Young Living Essential Oils

   If you know me or follow me on Instagram you'll know that Ben and I got into Young Living essential oils a few months ago and they have completely changed our lives. I love that we have a safe and healthy way to prevent sickness or treat it and some of these oils have done wonders for me emotionally! If ever we were skeptics... we are now firm believers! 

 I keep several different oils on me at all times and I thought I would share which ones and what we use them for!



We ran out of lemon for a while and when we finally got more I was ecstatic! I drink it in my water almost daily and we've used it to help with allergies several times!



I make sure I keep this with me all the time, especially at work! I spilled extremely hot soup on my hand one day and burned myself pretty badly.. minutes after applying lavender the burn spot was gone and I had no pain.. I couldn't believe it! Lavender is also an awesome oil to help you relax and we diffuse it every night before sleeping.



This is a great one for cuts and scrapes and also for bug bites!



I cannot say enough about this oil.. Surrender was one of the oils on my list when I took a Zyto scan and it is unbelievable how much it has helped me! It totally calms me down when I get anxious and I use it every single day!



Joy is another daily oil for me! It gives me a good burst of energy in the middle of the day and totally uplifts my mood.



And last but definitely not least... peppermint! I drink it in my water or green tea, use it to help with head aches or stiff muscles.. the list cold go on and on! 


Do you use oils? I'd love to hear your favorites and what you use them for! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions... these oils can be a blessing in your life too! 

(I found my oil bag at Resurrect Antiques. It's the perfect size for my purse and I thought it was too cute!)



Lavender & Linen


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